About Us

Karelax Beauty started in 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a dedicated team of beauty experts on the hunt for the coolest, highly effective skincare products Nature has to offer - from the latest beauty must-haves foot protection sprays to anti-wrinkle skincare products that have never been better. Karelax Beauty is the destination for men and women looking for the current must-haves in Bulgaria's beauty industry. We carefully curate our skincare formulas and only release those that blow us away.

We are constantly evolving beauty business processes that protect the environment, sourcing natural ingredients in a responsible and sustainable manner. Karelax Beauty uses materials that are energy-efficient, creating a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, following transparent practices with our customers to positively impact the socio-economic conditions of the global communities.

Meet Our Team

We are a professional team of beauty experts with a desire to create rewarding experiences for our customers that leave them feeling confident in their beauty.

Our teams are passionate enthusiasts that are excited to share their knowledge in a calm and professional environment. We are always striving to improve our customer experience and skills. We deliver to the beauty stores selling cosmetics and skincare the best solution for various skin concerns.

Thanks to the exceptional team we established as the leading beauty brand having а large commercial network all over Bulgaria. Just to be sure that you are free to discover beauty with us!

“Karelax Beauty has provided me with many opportunities for professional growth. I am always inspired to focus on my career and have the support to continually add to my skills. My manager position has been nothing short of amazing, with the help of our team, we have created a fun, safe and productive environment to be enjoyed by everyone. Experience and knowledge is key to delivering outstanding service to our customers and is a big priority. I enjoy seeing our clients happy with our products.”

Desislava Hr., Manager at Karelax Beauty

Mission. Vision. Values.


To be the ultimate online destination for skincare and beauty experts who embrace diversity and recognize beauty in all its forms. Our team aims for you to be the best version of your beautiful skin. We want to empower you with your everyday beauty choices and be able to gain confidence. Embrace the ability to create, inspire, endless possibilities. We celebrate each other's diverse beauty.


Our R&D experts are constantly searching for highly effective beauty formulas to be available within your reach to complete and complement your skin needs at the most affordable prices and ship them everywhere you are.


Since our launch, we have seen significant growth in demand for more beauty products. The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you. We love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback. We’ll continue to offer you the latest trends in the beauty industry. So stay connected, be part of our community and follow us on our social channels for announcements and updates as we launch new products and brands in the future!